Hello and welcome ( or bonjour et bienvenue – for all our French family)

Let’s do a lil’ Q & A, shall we. 🙂

Q: What is The Love Chapter.org?

A: TLC  is our website. Our, being myself, Melody Ait Ouamara, my wonderful husband Vincent, and our four fun kids, Jade, Chance, Gage, and Aspen. We make our home in Midwest, USA. I’m from Parris Road. Vincent’s from Paris, France. He came across the sea for me. A promise, a wish, a ring, ‘n’ a kiss… and voila, the love chapter begins. 🙂

Q: What is The Love Chapter.org about?

A: Well, in a nutshell… a story. A creative, caring, sometimes crazy tale…that’s our life. 🙂

Q: What kind of content can we expect from TheLoveChapter?

A: Pictures, posts, and ponderings about the things we love. From birdhouses, bibles, and bass guitars to Walt Disney, worship, and woodworking.


Thanks for droppin’ in. Let the love story begin. 😉