“David said, ‘The Lord saved me from the lion’s paw and from the claw of the bear, He will also deliver me from the hand of this Philistine giant.” 1 Samuel 17:37

Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy.

You know, I’ve had some really messed up situations in my life. Interactions, some of which lasted for many years, that left me (for a time) utterly devastated and sickened with sorrow. God has blessed me greatly and helped me to heal but, I have noticed that lately my mind recalls some of these past experiences more vividly. One major theme during that time was what I call… the “crazy card.” This was the proverbial hidden card (kept in the individual’s back pocket, so as to be readily accessible at any given moment) that they repeatedly whipped out and waved wildly in my face. The “crazy card” had this kind of sinister magic about it. Transforming into one suit after another, it was really like an entire deck of cards all wrapped up in one. But, oh what a twisted game.

There was Melody,  you can’t do that – you’re not smart enough, good enough, talented enough … or… Melody, you had your chance ‘n’ screwed it up so God obviously has no further plans for you because you clearly can’t handle them … or Melody, you are worthless and  what is it that you actually DO, contribute, or accomplish anyway … on and on it went…perhaps some of you can relate.

I worked long and hard on my heart, soul, and mind to progress past the pain of such things. As I said, God saw fit to bring restoration to my sallow spirit. For that I am forever grateful.

However, just because we are restored doesn’t mean the memory banks of our minds are erased. That is where “real” recall comes into play. The bible talks about recalling past victories (no  matter how insignificant we may think they are), as well as God’s love, and faithfulness. In this recalling, we are redirected. Our focus moves away from past problems, negative mantras, and those lies about who we really are. This dramatically affects our  internal emotions (and consequently our subsequent behaviors). The outlook is no longer hopeless not because the world is suddenly perfect but, because it’s no longer solely about us. Yes, we still have our mistakes, our feelings, our shortcomings but… God is bigger than our screwups and our sorrows!

We can be strong. We can be courageous. We can be purposeful wherever we go. Joshua 1:9 says, “… Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be disheartened, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!” So, as each of us move forward in our relationships and missions on this earth –  my seeking, singing heart prays… I pray that you and I remember who we really are…

Cool. Creative. Called by Christ!